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Emu Editions emerged as a solution to the problems encountered during years of reading works of popular nineteenth-century fiction with undergraduate students. Having used poor PDFs and blurry copies of these long-out-of-print works for over a decade, my intrepid students and I hit on the idea of launching our own small press to resurrect these works, bringing them back into print as important pieces of American literature and history in editions that provide the cultural, critical, and historical context necessary to make them accessible to modern audiences. 

Our first several editions will be works by Ned Buntline, the notorious pulp-fiction writer of the 1840–1880s. Students help pick, research, and edit the texts, serving as contributing  editors to each new publication project. That said, we invite other scholars and students interested in this endeavor to join us in our efforts—if you have a favorite out-of-print text that you would like to see added to our catalog, contact us. We'd love to have you come play along.     — Mark Metzler Sawin (Editor)

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