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Contributing Editors to this volume:
Lindsay Acker, Sol Brenneman, Lydia Chappell Deckert, Kyle Good, Ethan Herman, Mario Hernández,
Alexandra Warren, Clara Weybright

The Volunteer, or, The Maid of Monterey was written in 1847 by Ned Buntline (Edward Z. C. Judson), a prolific and often scandalous "Blood & Thunder" writer who authored more than 170 novels between 1846 and 1886—most famously, his works turned William Cody into Buffalo Bill. This novel is an engaging and sensational story of a cross-dressing heroine taken straight from the headlines of the Mexican-American War. It was hugely popular in its day, reprinted in multiple editions, but has been out of print for the past 150 years.


This new Emu Editions version includes a brief biography of Ned Buntline, and a long introductory essay explaining the cultural, critical, and historical context of this significant piece of nineteenth-century American fiction, including provocative historical discoveries that link the characters in the book to the real-life characters that impacted Ned Buntline's life in the months before he wrote the book—events that included the death of his Cuban wife, Severina, and his near lynching in Nashville, Tennessee.


The text has been returned to its original 1847 first printing, but also includes the text changes and illustrations that appeared in later nineteenth-century editions. It also includes maps from the era, and a list of all of Ned Buntline's known publications.